Selosi Neck 10
Selosi Neck 10

Selosi Neck 10

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One ring holds space while the ring beneath encircles an exceptionally rare stone: white rutilated quartz. White is the rarest of colors for this highly sought-after crystal, marked by the intricate, needle-like, rutile inclusions formed within. White rutilated quartz is known as an illuminator for the soul, promoting spiritual growth and forgiveness, drawing off negative energy and helping the wearer let go of the past. Hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind necklace is 24k gold-plated, warm to the touch. Chain is twenty eight inches, with a two inch drop, finished with a lobster clasp.

How to Care

Our 24k gold-plated jewelry uses all-natural materials and needs special care to remain lustrous. It’s best to keep it away from the elements: salt, water, sweat, and prolonged exposure to high humidity, as well as chemical cleansers or perfumes.

Remove before swimming and exercising. Put jewelry on only after makeup has set, and spray-on hair products or perfumes have been applied. Buff with a microfiber cloth and store in a cool, dry place like a pouch or jewelry box to prevent fading. Overcleaning will cause tarnishing.

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