Opening Spring 2022
About our Products


E&M Apothecary proudly sources exceptional quality, plant-based ingredients that far exceed industry standards of "natural". Our products never contain parabens, phthalates, dyes, or any petrolatum products - ever. It's nice to know that our food-grade ingredients are good enough to eat, but are even more delicious for your skin and energy.


Our apothecary is part studio, part lab. Our craft is part art, part science. But no matter what side of the brain we're using–we're always thinking small. Limiting our production size allows us to control every detail of each batch we make. Color, scent, texture and taste (yes, sometimes even taste) are carefully monitored to ensure that every lotion, crème, oil and serum is as perfect as the ingredients that go in it.


When you're at your best, you glow. There's an undeniable energy that comes from joy, balance and being in harmony with the universe. Inevitably, stress, age, and the environment challenge our energy flow and keep us from achieving our highest, brightest self. E&M products combine chakra-based wisdom and proven herbal remedies to align with harmonic frequencies that restore and enhance our inner and outer glow.


We believe that if given the proper tools, that body and spirit will enter the rejuvenation process naturally. Guided by this principle, we've spent a decade exploring ways to make this type of healing accessible, E&M Apothecary has created a collection of naturally powerful products that maximize your potential for inner and outer well-being, The healthiest you is the most beautiful you. Pure and simple.

We've got a collection for
whatever skin you're in.

E&M has developed a series of products that work together to address your various skin concerns. We're sure to have something you'll love ... and that your skin will love you for trying. For maximum benefit, layer products from one of our collections: bright, firm, super-moisture, or repair. See for yourself how our plant-based formulas heal and harmonize.

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