Plant-Based Skincare

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The new standard in everyday luxury offers plant-based nutrients for the skin, amplified. Our intentional ingredients are grown, not made.
Everyday Luxuries That Inspire

Touch. Feel. Glow.

Explore handcrafted jewelry with precious and semiprecious stones, and gold that’s warm to the touch.
Beyond Beautiful

Nature, Crystalized

Our luminous selection of both rare and familiar crystals are sourced from all over the world. Think energy. Think consciousness. Think beauty.


Welcome to a new standard in plant-based nourishment for the skin, amplified by our crystal quartz formulation process. Our bioactive products offer true benefits, potency, and results you can see.
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Treat yourself to extra care in your daily rituals with bath and body products infused with plant essences chosen for their benefits and naturally amazing aromatic profiles. No synthetic fragrances, ever.
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Explore our range of one-of-a-kind earthen treasures. We craft each piece by hand in Saint Louis, Missouri.
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Sourced from all across the globe, our crystal collection offers something for everyone seeking a piece of rare earth to hold and cherish. Shop our spheres and crystal towers to experience the amplified lifestyle.
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