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Our Story

We make products that empower everyone to feel their best, and look their best


Esther & Mila™ is an earth-based luxury goods company that breaks new ground with a wholly novel approach to self care. We harness the power of plants and minerals to offer an innovative line of inspiring products. Our offerings intrigue, satisfy, and ultimately deliver on our promise of clean and green. Amplified Skincare™ describes our proprietary crystal quartz formulation process that scientifically aligns frequency and plant-based ingredients for natural affinity and proven results. Esther & Mila is the new standard in everyday luxury.


Our plant-based, skincare and body care formulations are made with botanically active ingredients in tiny batches for potency and a clean, green approach to skincare. All formulations are infused with a purposeful combination of natural plant extracts, phytoessences, and vitamins to give skin the exact nourishment it needs to be radiant, supple, and dewy. Our Amplified Skincare™ crystal quartz formulation process enhances these already-potent ingredients, delivering true results you can see and feel.


Explore a range of gorgeous, handcrafted jewelry that features precious and semiprecious stones and natural, one-of-a-kind beauty. Our collections let you layer earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that complement each other, and the woman who wears them.


Sourced from all across the globe, our crystal collection offers something for everyone seeking a piece of rare earth to hold and experience. Bring them up to the light and see radiance that shines from within and restores a sense of balance, calm, and vitality. Shop our spheres and crystal towers to find the ones that speak to you.