Rosewater Hydrosol Toner

(5 customer reviews)



2 oz


• Made from Bulgarian roses
• Soothing, cooling, gentle
• Gently removes any remaining traces of makeup after cleansing
• Prepares skin for serum and moisturizer
• Adjusts skin’s pH to replenish acid mantle

5 reviews for Rosewater Hydrosol Toner

  1. dc STL

    I’m crazy about this toner… I use it as a pick-me-up throughout the day and after I finish my moisturizing routine. The rose fragrance is light and refreshing. I look forward to using it.

  2. Emily K

    This toner is awesome. It IS the perfect pick me up! Beyond that, I find that it is a good in-between to follow the repair treatment and before a moisturizer. Just the right amount of rose. Big hit with my sister and mom. They both love how uplifting it is.

  3. Kelsey

    I love this toner! It is refreshing and smells amazing! You can use it after cleansing and/or over your make-up during the day as a pick me up.

  4. Susan

    This toner has a lovely rose smell! I use it after cleansing and before my moisturizer. I sometimes like to use it in the afternoon to help me perk up a bit.

  5. Julia

    I really like this toner for my sensitive skin! The rose smell is awesome!! It is concentrated though, so I prefer spraying it onto a facial pad to apply rather than spraying it directly into my face.

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