Repair Day Crème

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Made with nature’s most potent sources of omega-7 oils, this rich crème is a powerful anti-aging emulsion. It is anti-inflammatory, and provides skin with the nutrients necessary for intensive repair of oxidative and sun damage, and to reverse the appearance of fine lines.

Distilled water, organic macadamia oil, emulsifying wax, glycerin, essential oils of: rose, sea buckthorn, rosewood, and calendula, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, vitamin E, and xanthan gum


2 oz


• Suitable for sensitive skin
• Contains two most potent plant sources of Omega-7 oils found in nature
• Assists in rejuvenating skin after severe environmental damage
• Omega-7 is crucial for regenerating the skin’s collagen
• Extremely moisturizing, but not oily

3 reviews for Repair Day Crème

  1. Emily K

    Usually at this time in the middle of winter, my skin is dry and chapped and generally unhappy. This winter is a whole different story, thanks to this repair day creme. I get excited every morning to treat my skin with this product. Changes your outlook to have natural, pure ingredients!

  2. Kristi P

    Gives me the perfect base for foundation (if I feel ambitious enough to wear makeup that day) or naturally healthy skin without lots of additives that tend to irritate my particular skin type. Little bit goes a long way!

  3. Julia

    I have sensitive skin, but there was no reaction with this creme! And the formula isn’t too heavy for day time like some other moisturizers I’ve tried.

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