Lodolite (phantom quartz) and Red Jasper Necklace – Long


Lodolite is a very powerful healing stone. In fact, it has the base vibration of crystal quartz, with the added boost of the inclusions. This stone assists with healing emotional and past-life trauma from early childhood memories, leading to “false beliefs” later in life, and also is a strong tool to channel guidance from spirit guides. This stone is tremendously helpful for those that feel “stuck”. Use this stone to amplify and clarify your intentions, assist with discovery of your soul’s purpose, assist with meditation practice, and open and balance your heart chakra.

Piece dimensions: Approximately 34 inches in length, and each lodolite stone is approximately 10-12 mm in diameter.

This piece is composed of lodolite, red jasper, brass accents, brass rings, and brass chain – this piece has no clasp.

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This piece belongs to a collection that was inspired by Esther, Queen of Persia and Jewish heroine of the Book of Esther. Her intelligence, discernment, and perseverance saved the Jews from annihilation. Queen Esther is celebrated each year with the Jewish holiday, Purim.

Lodolite, also known as Phantom or Inclusion Quartz, is a multi-faceted stone in appearance, as well as in healing properties. Like Esther, you may be searching for divine guidance in times of difficulty or unrest and lodolite is a gentle, awakening crystal that will enhance your metaphysical perspective and transcendence of thought and being. As Esther bore witness to the plight and imminent danger of her people, she remained faithful to her intuition and went within to contemplate and discern the best course of action. Quite humble, like Esther, trust in lodolite to reinforce your connection with the crown chakra and to elevate your alignment and connectedness to its innate knowledge and sense.

Queen Esther was steadfast in her vigilant devotion to her Jewish identity, remaining true to the traditions of her ancestors and persevering in her fight for the well-being of her brothers and sisters that lived amongst her. Lodolite is extraordinary in that it is composed of many other phantom or “ghostly” crystals, each uniting to manifest a variety of colors and essences. This harmonizing crystal may induce a sense of curiosity and wanderlust to explore our origins and delve deeper into our knowledge of human nature and spiritual being. Our souls and energy are cultivated by unique lifetimes and vibrations that build upon one another to influence our past, present, and future. Meditate with lodolite so that your soul may tap into its previous lives and in turn you may better align with your current flow.

Lodolite is a quietly powerful stone that fuels us to embark on a journey of curiosity and certitude to discover the many lives we have lived and opens new paths for where we might go. Each lifetime is marked by the shadow, but take comfort that this phantom crystal can replace the fears and negativity of past life experiences with loving energies. Through quiet contemplation and unwavering conviction to her intuition and those who came before her, Queen Esther strengthened her own trust and resolve to ultimately outwit those in power and bring her people to safety. Harness the power of lodolite to elevate your intuition and voice so that you may find yourself in tune with spiritual energies and your heart’s desires as you set forth into your next journey.


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