Lemon Smoky Quartz Necklace – Large


Piece dimensions: Approximately 28 inches in length, and each bead is approximately 12 mm in diameter.

This piece is composed of light lemon smoky quartz, brass accents, brass disc, and brass toggle clasp.

Wear this piece daily to absorb and transmute negative energy, assist with meditation practice, and dissolve misfortune.  The unique combination of lemon and smoky quartz together allows one to firmly ground into the earth plane while embarking on new journeys, make each aspect more powerful.

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This piece belongs to a collection that was inspired by JoAnn Tall, a Lakota environmentalist who fought for land safety and security in the Black Hills, and the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations.

Smoky Quartz is a powerful stone for balancing the root chakra, keeping one firmly grounded in the earth plane. Just as we are experiencing life on this plane, we want to keep the earth healthy and as vibrationally aligned as possible so that future generations can also have a pristine environment to thrive within and forge ahead with their souls’ work. We must all join together in an effort to continue raising the vibration of the earth towards that of unconditional love.

Perpetually grounding, smoky quartz can also shift our consciousness as we strive to vibrate towards enlightenment. Just as JoAnn Tall sought to attain serenity in the earth’s ecosystem, this dynamic stone absorbs negative vibrations and is beneficial in creating a calm and serene energy to radiate throughout your home. Use it to reclaim your power just as JoAnn Tall reclaimed her land.

Smoky quartz is extremely effective for the karmic blueprint as our spiritual energies evolve. It is imperative that the earth maintains her divine integrity as we currently inhabit this plane. Her health and ability to transmute negative energy and assist with our soul’s transcendence are integral in allowing us to raise our consciousness and that of the planet towards that of unconditional love. This type of quartz is also said to have substantial detoxification properties and can be used to eliminate fear, depression, and even electromagnetic toxicity. Just as you would give the seed perfect soil, we too need to be especially aware of the vibrational impact our actions have on the planet. In order to truly elevate yourself and the vibration of the planet, your feet must be firmly grounded upon her earth.



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