Intensive Regeneration Treatment

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Reparative treatment for scarring, acne, skin infections, and burns. Provides intensive anti-aging activity due to the extremely potent skin repair and regeneration properties of tamanu oil.

Organic tamanu oil, organic beeswax, and essential oils of: frankincense, carrot root, and carrot seed


1 oz


• Applied topically, tamanu oil excels at assisting with new skin regeneration, making it a treatment for burns and skin ulcers is hospitals in the Pacific Islands, Asia, and Europe
• Powerfully healing tamanu oil has been shown to promote the healing stretch marks, scars, burns, acne, rashes, eczema, and dry skin
• Has been shown to reverse the appearance of scars

1 review for Intensive Regeneration Treatment

  1. Jenn

    The Intensive Regeneration Treatment is not only great as a facial treatment, but also on other parts of your body that has suffered scarring. I’m lucky to have minimal blemishes on my face, but I am known to be clumsy. I had a tumble this summer and fell onto concrete and gravel which left distinctly darker skin and scarring on my knees and arms. I’ve used this treatment several times a week before bed for the past few months and there is a noticeable difference; the marks on my arms have disappeared and the scarring and discoloration on my knees and legs have faded significantly!

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