Clarity Hair & Body Oil with Rosemary + Clary Sage


Hand made in tiny batches, this decadent organic hair and body oil is perfect for use on skin after shower, and on both wet and dry hair for smoothing and treating dry hair. This versatile treatment oil can be used after shower or bath to create a moisturizing emulsion on the skin, or can be applied to the skin dry, to a light veil of moisture. As a hair treatment, apply a few drops to wet hair before blow drying, or apply a small amount to dry hair to smooth, add shine, nourish, and control fly-aways.

Powerful aromatic blend helps to clear energetic blockages in body.

2 oz


• Richly restorative organic blend of: argan, jojoba, camellia, meadow foam, aloe, blueberry seed, and vitamin E oils
• Earthy, deep, smoky aroma
• Bright herbal aroma
• Oils of rosemary and clary sage align with the energetic frequency of clarity, assisting the ability to truly see and experience the universe
• Assists with powerful memory recall and formation
• Assists with clearing energetic blockages and promoting healthy energy flow in the body


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