Calendula Eye Crème

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Calendula extract leads the list of ingredients in our hyper-nourishing eye cream. Rosehip butter, evening primrose oil and borage oil round out this potent combination of plant-based ingredients formulated to naturally aid the correction of dark circles and inflammation of delicate under-eye skin.

1 oz


• Nourishes and calms super delicate under eye skin with aloe vera inner leaf extract and aloe butter
• Fortifies and helps to correct discoloration skin with rosehip butter, evening primrose oil and borage oil
• Calms any inflammation with calendula extract, which also assists with correcting dark circles

4 reviews for Calendula Eye Crème

  1. Sharon V

    This has to be the best eye creme I have ever tried, goes on smoothly and feels wonderful. I have used this now for 9 days and I can definately see and feel a difference in the skin around my eyes. ( I cheated too, put some of it on my laugh lines, and can tell a difference in them also ). Some days when I get up I have bags under my eyes, I put this in the freezer for a few minutes and amazing, put it under my eyes on bags and within 10 minutes they are gone !!!!!!!!

  2. Emily K

    I can’t agree more with the other review. A little bit of this creme brings a ton of lightness and fullness to your skin. It is a wonderful layer to follow a treatment and before you put on your daily/nightly lotion. I bought this as part of a gift package for my mom and she is loving it as well; far beyond any eye creme she’s used before.

  3. Kelsey

    I usually use this at night and I can definitely tell that the skin under my eyes is less puffy in the morning.

  4. Angela

    This beauty came into my life about five months ago and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I was once very skeptical of eye creams; some people might suggest using your moisturizer as one, but I wouldn’t recommend it! The truth is the skin under the eyes is thin and delicate and must be treated with care. Attending to the skin under your eye is all about balance, you only need a small amount of the Calendula Eye Crème warmed up between your pinky fingers and applied (dabbed) lightly under the eye. I find it works best if I use a toner (preferably one with a natural humectant) before applying the cream. The two emulsify quickly leaving my under eye firm and hydrated, not weighed down by product. Nothing is worse than a gooey eye cream loaded with glycerin and mica, especially since I am prone to Milia. E & M have contributed to my youthful glow, but it’s too bad they can’t stop my white hairs.
    Tip: I always scoop it out with a beauty spatula to risk contamination of the product.

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