Aromatic Cleansing Nectar

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Super emollient plant butters and oils cleanse skin while preserving the delicate moisture barrier, leaving skin dewy, sparkling, and fresh. Contains organic plant butters of jojoba and shea to nourish, and organic oils of borage, argan, and evening primrose to cleanse and repair the skin. Essential oils of calendula and neroli provide soothing tranquility and work to mend and calm skin.

Organic plant butters (shea and jojoba), organic plant oils (borage seed, jojoba, argan, evening primrose), organic beeswax, essential oils blend (neroli and calendula), and vitamin E (non-GMO)

2 oz


• Cleanses skin without stripping natural moisture barrier
• Preserves, repairs, and reinforces acid mantle
• Non-foaming
• No detergents
• No soap
• Super moisturizing
• Excellent for the driest of skins
• Cleans skin with plants oils and butters


3 reviews for Aromatic Cleansing Nectar

  1. Jennifer V

    I am a hands on kind of person and live life in a variety of environments : consultations, classrooms, cafés, and more. I also love to spend time outside, be it in city parks or on hiking trails. Bottomline, my skin is exposed to many an element. The Aromatic Cleansing Nectar delivers such a deep clean in a gentle fashion. I love it — and people always seem to take note when I use it. The texture is just right and you can’t help but move from your face to your neck to keep the freshness going. I feel like it provides such a balancing effect to my skin and leaves it pure and natural. The aroma is also quite calming and subtly energizing. (tip: follow it up with the Intensive Repair Treatment)

  2. Jennifer V

    This is certainly 5 out of 5 stars!

  3. Sharon V

    This product is wonderful, I bounce back and forth between this and the cleansing elixir depending on my skin and love love both of them. It feels like silk on your skin and smells divine. Truly a product worth trying. I have lots of their items, from their facial line to bath products and love them. The products are excellent, the customer service is fantastic, and all orders come in super cute reusable bags. Believe me, your skin will love you for trying any of these items.

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