Apatite Tribal Necklace – Heart and Throat Chakras


This piece is approximately 25 inches in length and is composed of apatite, antique brass tribal accents, antique brass chain, and an antique brass toggle clasp.

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This piece belongs to a collection that was inspired by Gloria Steinem, pioneer of the 20th century second wave feminist movement. Her political activism and steadfast conviction in fighting for women’s rights has paved the way for others to join this ever-evolving fight. Feminist, journalist, activist, human being….each of these titles deserve voice. How do you speak yours?

Women are innately gifted with immensely powerful intuition, knowledge, and communication, but historically have been oppressed by societal constraints and false ideals. Instead of celebrating our voices and unique perspectives, we have been molded to conform and remain silent. But we must ask ourselves: What do we hear and feel in our mind, body, and soul? How do we express that consciousness? The effects of a repressed voice wreak havoc on the entire system; physically, mentally, and emotionally. Women must seize the moment and tune into their instincts to express their desires and thoughts, even if they are contradictory to the arbitrary expectations set forth by society and patriarchy. Gloria Steinem harnessed her voice to represent and inspire multiple generations of women to shed light upon the antiquated forces keeping us unheard. She continues the fight for women to hold agency over their own bodies and relationships, to be compensated fairly as a professional, and establishes forums to discuss a variety of humanitarian matters. By simply putting a face and unyielding voice to this activism, Gloria Steinem’s character and conviction are the essence of the attunement and power that manifests from the combined heart and throat chakras.

Expression and presence cultivate a strong and true source of life within and in turn vibrate out to all energies and beings around us. It is no mistake that the aqua aura emanates from below the throat chakra and above the heart chakra, bridging the vibrations of the two. Hues of aqua blue and green symbolize the unity of the heart and throat chakras to promote clarity of desires and expression. In embracing these stones and crystals, we are paving a compassionate and intentional way to achieve balance, as the throat chakra serves as a vessel to allow energy to flow with ease throughout our spirit and body. People often seek out lush nature or bodies of water in pursuit of serenity and calm. Elements like turquoise, amazonite, aquamarine, and chrysocolla can invoke the same powerful effect, particularly when worn in close contact to a pulse or chakra point. When our energy flows freely and authentically, we are able to achieve alignment and further our enlightenment. Our stories, emotions, and beliefs must be given voice and we must also be an open presence to receive those of others.

These stones and crystals nourish the aqua blue-green aura and ease fears associated with speaking, whether they are due to trauma, insecurities, or anxiety of an audience. When this aura is blocked with self-doubt and suffering, meditation or adornment with these stones can flood the heart and throat chakras with a loving energy to release you from such agony and liberate your voice. A cleansed heart center and balanced energy will reflect an enlightened and aligned reality that will allow us to express ourselves and convictions in a genuine and firm voice to better cultivate relationships and creativity. Our words create our reality and either restrict or open our heart space; do not allow silence to give space for someone else to design your life and values. Shine your heart and speak your truth. The divine and powerful feminine gives and enhances life in a multitude of ways and the world craves such energy to prosper. Do not stifle your authentic expression for the sake of conformity or fear. Instead, cultivate a community for support, reflection, and dialogue so that our unique, individual and collective voices can continue to evolve and unabashedly express themselves.







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