Beyond the Surface with Esther & Mila Bath and Body

Many things can affect our energy and skin, from our relationships and jobs to environmental stressors, and even the food we eat.  We are constantly exposed to things that wear at us.  When something outside of our control begins to affect how we’re feeling, it has a tendency to manifest in our skin as well.  At Esther & Mila, we’ve created our bath and body products with these outside factors in mind.  We only use pure, sustainably sourced, and high-vibrational plant oils that help restore the natural health of our bodies.  Each body product is made with a specific energetic goal and an aroma that smells good, feels good, and is good for you.

All of Esther & Mila’s products are of the highest quality, and are designed and developed with multiple goals in mind.  Each product from our bath and body lines work in much the way you’d expect a hand cream or body wash to work, helping to cleanse and moisturize, all while feeling luxurious and smelling great.

But here at E&M, we like to think beyond the surface when we create and formulate our products.  The specific oils used in each particular line were also paired to help address underlying energetic concerns.  In fact, our body products are named after specific vibrational states and work to improve your mood as well as your skin.

Our body product lines consists of seven different aromas that address these specific concerns, and our offerings have you covered from head to toe.  Each aromatic line consists of multiple products from Hair and Body Oil, to Hand and Foot Creme.  Esther & Mila’s entire line is made with organic, food-grade, and many times wild-sourced, plant oils.  Our goal is to help our customers naturally restore their body, mind, and soul to the intended harmonic resonance and emotional state.

What energetic or vibrational state could you use help attaining?  If Calm, Attune, or Happy have been elusive lately, let us know in the comments below, we’d love to help you find the right line for you!