Crystalized Light – Healing with Crystal Quartz

As you may have noticed, Esther & Mila has recently debuted a curated necklace collection.  Each piece is inspired by a feminist icon whose work and force aligns with a particular chakra and crystal. The crown chakra is supremely divine and incredibly relevant to each person’s growth and well-being; so let’s delve a bit deeper! Our focal points are crystal quartz, the crown chakra, and Barbara Brennan who is an energy healer, physicist, and author.

What is the connection between these three components you might wonder? Crystal quartz is symbolic of the boundless and mystical crown chakra, while Brennan’s work reveals unique insights into a person’s origins, aura, personality, and health. A perfect match made in the universe! The energy shared and fostered between crystals and chakras are highly intertwined, just as our past experiences, traumas, and growth all come together to determine the vibrancy of our energy and health. Barbara Brennan’s holistic and scientific approach, delivered with raw truth, beauty, and empathy, make her the embodiment of inspiration for crystal quartz and the magnitude of light in our lives and how it can transform us.

At first glance, the intriguing crystal quartz is reminiscent of a crystal ball. You may not be able to peel your eyes away from either! (Also. can we agree that as a society we are too fixated on the future??? I know that sounds like a tangent, but just humor me and keep that question in your back pocket as you read on.)  The notion of crystal balls and fortune tellers spark equal amounts of eager stares as they do nervous laughter and dismissal, depending on the audience.  If you are in the latter and lump together the narrow portrayal of “psychic” that we are fed along with energy work, set aside your apprehensions and just think about you. Sit with your breath and think about your moments; your feelings day to day, your physical state and stamina, interactions with people and nature, lingering feelings that crop up, how you spend your time awake and asleep, as well as what your body and mind crave… That all originates from energy and reactions along with the flow and interaction of life forces. The crown chakra, symbolized by light-catching clear crystal quartz, works as a guiding force to balance the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, and 3rd eye chakras so that we may live in a space of enlightenment and harmony. That is quite a bit to take in and factor into our ability to transcend into higher consciousness and ecstasy!

Located in the center top of the head, this chakra’s energy gleams upward to bridge a connection between your aura and the universe. It is guided by light and fueled from the state and liveliness of the other 6 chakras, which is why it is so crucial to stay attuned to your present feelings and needs, rather than projecting future possibilities. We may all experience various intensities and periods of time in this chakra, but one thing is certain, our vibration is navigated there through light and the metaphysical properties of crystal quartz magnifies our healing and intentions. As the crown encompasses universal energy, it is within the perpetual journey to align with this chakra that we reap the most benefits and vibrate in joy and enlightenment. To take this idea of universal energy one step further, ponder that the crown chakra is often associated with the full moon. Have you ever noticed having heightened emotions and reactions during the time of the full moon? This could mean joy, panic, regret, and so on, but nonetheless heightened.  As human beings, we are composed of approximately 60% water, so it is only natural that we are pushed and pulled by the moon’s cycle and light, much like an ocean wave.  The way we rise or fall is indicative of how balanced we are in each of the chakras. Again, it is prime time to check in with ourselves and conduct a caring assessment of sorts. Our hearts, our voice, our gut, our mind…. Are they weighed down, tied in knots, encumbered, aflutter…?

In seeking to energize the 7th chakra, we should respectfully heed Barbara Brennan’s teachings; take inventory of your entire being and nourish your other chakras daily so that they may radiate light on your path to seek a vibrant crown energy. Experience garnered from her childhood, training as a counselor and physicist, and tapping into her innate calling has fueled Brennan’s knowledge that our aura is a shining beacon representing the state of our health, emotional and physical. Brennan has observed unhealthy auras, colored by repressed agonies, to be associated with physical ailments and serious diseases affecting our bodies and health. Our light, or energy, is revelatory of our past traumas, ailments, and current state of being. Oftentimes, human beings neglect the care that they require and crave. Whether deliberate or out of necessity to compartmentalize and survive, we find ourselves hampered down with repressed memories, emotions, or even traumas. This all leaves a footprint upon our soul and mind and our chakras and physical bodies may work in overdrive to compensate for that wound. However, take note, I said survive, not thrive. This is simply not a sustainable path and Brennan strives to shed light upon this through energy work. For whether we bear neglected trauma for weeks or decades, it will reveal itself as an imbalance in our mind and body, only continuing to grow and wreak havoc into other areas of our body, mind, and life.

We live in a society surrounded by images, noise, and distraction, as well as promises of health and well-being. Sign up for this package, have these supplements delivered to your home, clue into this app! There is no doubt that we need to tend to and exercise our mind and body and there are many reputable, fun, and worthwhile opportunities. However, we can only run or remain rigidly regimented for so long before that masked trauma begins to reveal itself in new and known ways. Hush those loud and fast voices and instead give in to the quiet so that you may hear the emotion or void roaring within. Think of a forest animal. What does it do when it is hurt? It searches out a safe area for calm, curls up, and sleeps until it is ready to see the light and forge onward. What profound intuition! There are so many great resources available to us, but we can only just crack the surface until we are able to sit in silence in a safe environment and lovingly recognize where we are at in the now. It is through that practice, that our consciousness may reveal to us what experiences have touched us or maybe knocked us to the ground along the way. Meditation and honesty in the present moment will allow us to recognize and then heal the suffering and erosion to the body and soul that has plagued us. We must stop emphasizing the future and insisting that our health and happiness will manifest “when…”. Instead, embrace each small moment, tiny breath, and perhaps new ritual to allow us the needed space to open ourselves to our intuition and see more clearly. Crystal quartz can act as a supportive talisman or clearing guide in this pursuit to enlightenment and healing.

Energy is continually transported and transmuted within us and touches that of other beings. We should strive and take care to exude a healthy light and aura for our own peace and wisdom, as well as for the relationships that we hold dear. Crystal quartz attracts and radiates light, enhancing the vitality of our crown chakra and overall state of consciousness. Extremely powerful in its properties, we should cultivate a gentle and intentional meditation practice with this crystal. Daily integration of crystal quartz will further elevate our awareness of the quality of the light we shine inwardly throughout our chakras as well as outwardly to the universe. Tapping into the present with crystal quartz will bring forth compelling and peaceful energy as we continue on both our earthly and spiritual exploration.

Everything Is Crystal Clear

Moonlight, sunlight, unwavering gazes, vibrating touches, breath… Just a little word association around crystals. Think on that. Health, wellness, all things organic, and getting to our spiritual roots and beings; all of these ideas and more are certainly having their moment to shine in the mainstream and beyond. Articles and perfected images of serenity abound on social media, showcasing people striving to maintain that balance and further the quest into their true selves. Crystals! The cure-all, must-have of the moment. I definitely do not see this as a negative, but let’s push pause for a moment and delve deeper into the origins and purpose of crystals, and just how you can integrate them into your life and space, as people have done for centuries. Photograph them, hashtag them, just don’t forget to tune into yourself and the source.

Personally, I enjoy the comfort and invigorating power of having a crystal on me at all times. Perhaps it is the fluorite and quartz combo tucked into my back pocket, helping to clear the mental distractions and keep negativity at bay. Or it could be the rose quartz hanging over my chest that seems to offer me a moment to breathe and receive the world through a lens of love and curiosity, rather than split-second reactions and touches of cynicism. What we put out, we receive, and these past few years have taught me that crystals by my side bring forth more quality human interaction, deeper discernment, and provocative curiosity. These vibrations radiate and attract kindred spirits and sensations, if you allow yourself to open to it. To better wrap our minds around it, let’s ponder: Are crystals living and can they be used for healing? 


Take a moment and think about what “living” means to you…. Let’s discuss. Maybe its touch and smell, the ability to interact and respond. Do you relegate “living” only to beings that breathe or move or reproduce? Think about the plant you talk to or when you see a wilting flower or the eye-catching blooming buds of a plant; better yet when you clip the stem of a flower or see it ripped from the ground. How do you feel and what thoughts and actions follow? We love and are invested in the flourishing and nurturing of that plant. Let’s follow those roots into the living earth, composed of elements such as oxygen and minerals. Is this not living? Human beings, in spite of the access and education that are bestowed upon us, tend to be insular creatures and mainstream society is guided by a sort of tunnel vision. Plant your feet firmly on mother earth and contemplate life.

Instead of insisting upon the reproductive component of life, could we not broaden the notion of “living” to the ability to be aware, perceive, and think; a conscious state and relationship. This certainly aligns with the value of a quality and enriching life and opens pathways for us to welcome, or at the very least, entertain new or different forms of life that don’t necessarily follow our suit. Crystals are a prime example of this; they can morph in shape and color as well as grow. Just because we do not feel their breath, does not mean that they are dormant and without life. Quite the contrary! These conscious and aware minerals are produced within mother earth and not only exchange vibrations with other living creatures (ahem, us!), but also alter said vibrations and energies. How wonderful! Hold a crystal in your hands, close your eyes, breathe. How do you feel? What resonates within you? Is your mind clearer or more cluttered? Is your breath smoother or do you sense a rush of energy within—or perhaps it’s a combination thereof!? The options are endless and there is no right or wrong. This is a practice, so don’t stop at one time. Like any relationship or interaction, intentional space and effort is needed to connect with this organism.

Crystals thrive off of our vibes and energies and can act as a sort of portal to a new avenue, which is why they have been used as a form of medicine throughout the ages. We’ve heard folklore of Italian amulets comprised of crystals to ward off evil and even Cleopatra adorning herself with lapis lazuli to channel the third eye and crown chakras to foster enlightenment and awareness. Crystals are powerful in that they can protect against certain energies, as well as draw out others for positive manifestations and healing. Despite all of the stress, fatigue, and ailments that we face, well-being is in fact our natural condition; anything other than that proves that we are out of alignment. When we find ourselves drawn to a particular crystal, it speaks to us and we feel its vibration because we are searching for that particular energy. When properly cleansed and tuned with intention and energy, crystals vibrate in the utmost pure state. The level at which you vibrate is another topic in and of itself, but reflect on where you are. Are you breathing? Are they steady, full, deep breaths to fill your lungs, body, and mind? Is your mind attuned and focused in the present or is there a static or racing energy? Those are just a few points to check into. Bottom line, this crystal is vibrating at a pure, healthy level and is therefore diffusing the dominant energy in the space; when we believe, we are also committing to raising our vibration to that pure and healthy level. Be it a headache, digestive issues, heartache… crystals when worn or placed on a specific chakra point emanate the power to improve and heal maladies. Our vibrations intertwine and that energy nourishes us. It is not comparable to swallowing a pill, but the attention and space we give to our needed care can align with that vibration of the crystal to alleviate pains and illnesses.

A strong meditation practice in union with the belief that that the power to heal lies within yourself is crucial when integrating crystals as a means of medicine. Embrace this time to lean in and tend to yourself! Do it for you and however you bring yourself to that moment; perfection has no place, simply you in your authentic state. Meditation sheds light upon what ails us and what we crave; from there, through a combination of analysis and trusting our intuition, we can seek out the needed crystals to embark upon the healing process. You may even opt to work with a healer in this practice as it can be difficult to remain in a meditative state and arrange crystals around your body or over chakras. Are you still wondering how this works? Let’s take a common ailment for example. Headaches run rampant due to stress, fatigue, screen time, anxiety, and the list goes on… If you find yourself often plagued with such pain, you might combine gentle visualization with a quiet environment and rose quartz or citrine around or on the affected area; at the base of the neck, next to the temples or crown, even on the forehead. It is of the utmost importance to have the crystal energy resonate with our own in order to bring relief and a healthier aura, so pay close attention to your sensations and reactions and do not hesitate to make adjustments in placement or choice of stones. We are all unique and our energy will vibrate differently with each crystal; reflect on the beauty and possibility of that which naturally manifests within you.

All it takes is intrigue and curiosity to begin this process. Our beings contain an enormous source of power, but recognize that the living energies around us, be it human, plant, animal, or crystal form, also vibrate with immense impact and possibility. Meditation coupled with crystal healing for chakra balance and healthy auras is a wonderful way to begin and play around with crystal healing. Don’t let fear or panic stop you from tuning into your thoughts and desires. Life can be incredibly hectic and demanding, but reflective time to breathe and tune in can be quite the cure. Remember that this is a unique journey shared by your energy and that of the crystal; it is not comparable to another’s experience. We are more than just inhabitants of this earth; water, nature, light, and minerals carry immense power and we have deeply intertwined relationship with these elements. Find your breath and tap into your intuition and the grounding, enlightening possibilities that can be unearthed through crystal healing.



Shining Bright with Beta-carotene

Our skin is our largest organ, and it’s an incredibly important one. It keeps our other organs where they belong, and it shields them daily from all kinds of outside forces.  At its best, our skin puts up a valiant effort in this ongoing battle against the elements. But all of this effort naturally leads to wear and tear, which can make us uncomfortable…

Our skin gets dry in the winter, burnt in the summer, and we notice wrinkles as we age.  And, since we’re living in increasingly industrial and highly-populated societies, we have even more to deal with than the elemental forces of Mother Nature.  Maladies like germs and pollutants are ever-present, and our skin remains our first, best line of defense. When it’s not at its best, we’re more vulnerable to these harmful substances.   Because as excellent as skin is as a shield, it isn’t totally impenetrable.

There is a level of permeability to our skin.  And the absorption of the negative substances, everything from pollution to UV radiation, contributes to our skin looking and feeling less than its best.  Defending against these substances remains a vital job, since there’s no real way to avoid the onslaught of these negative environmental and chemical compounds.  Unless we choose to live in a bubble, or a hermetically sealed lab, which is, you know… less than practical.

Luckily, in order to help protect skin from these negative factors, we’ve developed methods and products for defending against pollutants, repairing the damage that results from interacting with our harsh environment, and even helping to repair and ward off the signs of aging.  We’ve figured out that the same permeability that allows for the absorption of negative substances can also permit good substances in. This is why topical ointments, skin treatments, and even hormone patches work.  They infuse the skin with substances to make up for what might be missing internally, and add in essentials like vitamins that help combat the penetration of detrimental materials.


Here at Esther & Mila, we recognize your skin for the champion it is.  And we want to help it be at its best in order to best shield you from the daily assault of…well, everything. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to help defend your body’s greatest defender, and one of the best ways we’ve found to do that is through the use of beta-carotene.  Beta-carotene, which can be found in high concentrations in all of our Bright line and in our Intensive Resurfacing Treatment is a precursor to Vitamin A, an essential vitamin for healthy skin.

When you eat foods with beta-carotene, the body naturally converts it into Vitamin A and then into retinoic acid.  Our skin can process the retinoic acid, making it hugely beneficial for repair and protection. Studies have also shown that skin actually has the ability to do the same for topically applied beta-carotene by using enzymes naturally occurring on our skin.  Some forms of topical Vitamin A are lab-created (namely the topical Retin A) and can cause irritation, and can even lead to peeling skin for some.

At Esther & Mila however, we like to keep our products as unadulterated as possible and the beta-carotene in our products is 100% plant-derived and present in our organic Chilean Rosehip Essential Oil and various citrus extracts and essential oils making it an all-natural and gentle way to add beta-carotene to your beauty regimen.  We know that our skin is capable of incredible things and we enjoy creating products that contain the building blocks that allow it to repair itself.


One of the main benefits of using the Bright Line and our Intensive Resurfacing Treatment is the beautiful resurfacing effect these products have on the skin.  This whole line does an amazing job brightening the face by resurfacing the outermost layer of skin.  These products serve to gently remove dull, dead, and flaky skin, which reveals a fresher, brighter layer underneath.  The beta-carotene present in this line is mainly responsible for this awesome effect, and the citrus extracts and essential oils also do their part to brighten skin, leaving it looking healthy and refreshed.

At Esther & Mila, all of our products have been extensively tested for safety and irritation concerns and we stand by the safety and efficacy of all of our offerings.  At the same time, we feel it is prudent to point out even the slightest potential for any of our users to have any sort of reaction to our products.  This is why any time there is any level of resurfacing, particularly in combination with citrus extracts, we feel it is important to note the potential for added sensitivity when exposed to sunlight.

We feel confident in recommending our Bright Line for daytime use to the grand majority of users, but we want to make sure that those with sensitive skin do note that the resurfacing effect in addition to the citrus ingredients could result in additional sensitivity to sun exposure.  For this reason we recommend that users with particularly sensitive skin adjust their use of Bright products to night-time applications to avoid any potential reactivity.

No matter when you apply, we hope you enjoy the amazing effects of this line… refreshed and repaired skin that shines Bright.

Love our Bright line? Or maybe Repair is your tried and true? If you have questions or comments about which Esther & Mila products help you look and feel your best, we’d love to hear in the comments below…

The Great Preservative Debate

Even if you’re only half-heartedly keeping up with the latest in the world of beauty, it’s hard to miss the indicators that the awareness and popularity of clean and green beauty and skincare products have been on the rise.  Beauty bloggers are buzzing about the latest and greatest in the clean beauty world and more and more green beauty products are making their way into bathroom cabinets everywhere.

Much of this trend stems from the fact that consumers are now more educated about an industry that has been notoriously bad in the past about disclosing what exactly goes into the products it sells.  Consequently, consumers become more concerned, and their buying decisions are becoming more considered, when it comes to the ingredients that they are willing to use in their homes and especially on their bodies.  Clean and green brands have been responding to these market pressures and in some cases, they’re even leading the charge to help  advocate for new regulations in order to keep consumers safe.

And with consumer safety at the forefront of every decision we make here at Esther & Mila, we wanted to take some time today to weigh in and explain our position on a key topic when it comes to clean and green beauty: the use of preservatives.

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Beyond the Surface with Esther & Mila Bath and Body

Many things can affect our energy and skin, from our relationships and jobs to environmental stressors, and even the food we eat.  We are constantly exposed to things that wear at us.  When something outside of our control begins to affect how we’re feeling, it has a tendency to manifest in our skin as well.  At Esther & Mila, we’ve created our bath and body products with these outside factors in mind.  We only use pure, sustainably sourced, and high-vibrational plant oils that help restore the natural health of our bodies.  Each body product is made with a specific energetic goal and an aroma that smells good, feels good, and is good for you.

All of Esther & Mila’s products are of the highest quality, and are designed and developed with multiple goals in mind.  Each product from our bath and body lines work in much the way you’d expect a hand cream or body wash to work, helping to cleanse and moisturize, all while feeling luxurious and smelling great.

But here at E&M, we like to think beyond the surface when we create and formulate our products.  The specific oils used in each particular line were also paired to help address underlying energetic concerns.  In fact, our body products are named after specific vibrational states and work to improve your mood as well as your skin.

Our body product lines consists of seven different aromas that address these specific concerns, and our offerings have you covered from head to toe.  Each aromatic line consists of multiple products from Hair and Body Oil, to Hand and Foot Creme.  Esther & Mila’s entire line is made with organic, food-grade, and many times wild-sourced, plant oils.  Our goal is to help our customers naturally restore their body, mind, and soul to the intended harmonic resonance and emotional state.

What energetic or vibrational state could you use help attaining?  If Calm, Attune, or Happy have been elusive lately, let us know in the comments below, we’d love to help you find the right line for you!

With Love, From Esther & Mila

This is our first ever Esther & Mila blogpost and we couldn’t be more excited to start sharing more about our brand with all of you!  We will be using this space to keep up with some of the latest in health and wellness, and green beauty of course, but we will also be diving deeper into what exactly makes Esther & Mila so special.  That includes our founder, our methods, and as you’ll see shortly, our ingredients…

We wanted to start off on a positive note, and at Esther & Mila that usually means positive vibes. And there’s nothing more positive in our book than the rosewater that forms the base of our Bulgarian Rosewater Hydrosol Toner.  This stuff gives us some real lovey vibes, and as we walk you through some of the history and properties in our Bulgarian Rosewater, we’re sure you’ll come to love it as we do!



Now rosewater has been popping up more and more lately in clean and green beauty, but the fact is, the craze might be new, but the ingredient sure isn’t.

Rosewater is made by steeping rose petals in water in a process that dates back to ancient times, possibly as far back as the Sassanid Empire of Persia.  The substance is actually a by-product of the process for the isolation of rose oil, a staple in perfumes.  Rosewater, however, is sought after in its own right as it is both flavorful and aromatic. It has long been used in Middle Eastern and Turkish cuisine and beautification rituals.  Demand for the finest rosewater from the Middle East led to the diaspora of the product into Europe, India, and China where it continued to be a popular and more readily available method of perfuming.  Today, the benefits of rosewater have led to an increased demand of the product not only for its fragrance, but for the many additional benefits it has to offer.

Physical Benefits

Everyone knows that roses smell lovely, and, as rosewater is a distillation of the most aromatic oils of a rose into water, it follows that rosewater would be fragrant as well.  But the reasoning behind rosewater in beauty products goes so much farther than ‘because it smells good.’ Rosewater has numerous benefits for skin. It’s true that our Bulgarian Rosewater Hydrosol Toner is great as a fragrance.  But it is also recommended for use on all skin types and has properties that can be used for to aid a variety of ailments…

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
    • Reduce redness and skin irritations
    • Reduce the appearance of acne and eczema
    • Help to soothe and heal sunburn and razor burn
  • Cleansing and anti-bacterial properties 
    • Helps unclog pores by removing oil and dirt
    • Great for use after cleansing to remove lingering traces of makeup
    • Helps heal minor cuts and burns
    • Can reduce the appearance of scars
  • Moisturizing properties
    • Adds moisture, soothes, and cools dull, dry, or irritated skin

Metaphysical Benefits

In addition to the wide variety of physical benefits, rosewater is also touted for its many metaphysical properties.  For those that study vibrational frequencies, rose oil is recognized as the essential oil with the highest known vibration.  Since rose water is a compound of rose oil and water, it also possesses an extremely high-frequency vibration.  The vibrational effects on the body when using rosewater are much the same as that of giving and receiving unconditional love… which makes sense when you think about how long roses have been used as symbols of love and romance.

Since roses are so closely connected with matters of the heart, it follows that rosewater is an excellent tool for self love and self care. Rosewater’s high vibrational frequency makes it great for use in self care routines as it is a wonderful at reducing stress. The aroma can be used for relaxation anytime and as a sleep aid by spritzing it on your face or pillow at bedtime. Rosewater is great for chakra work, particularly the heart chakra. It is soothing, healing, and a bit luxurious, which makes it feel particularly pampering. Rosewater can be a versatile tool of any self care routine.

Our Rosewater

Our rosewater comes from roses sourced from Bulgaria, where the soil and growth methods produce some of the most fragrant and lovely roses in the world.  Bulgarian Roses have high yielding oils of the highest quality. The use of these Bulgarian Roses to make the rosewater that is used in our Bulgarian Rosewater Hydrosol Toner leads to equally high quality toner that is aromatic, affordable, and a wonderful addition to both your skin care and self care routines.

What do you love? Is it Self-Care, fresh cut flowers, or our rosewater toner? We’d LOVE to hear from you in the comments below…