Everything Is Crystal Clear

Moonlight, sunlight, unwavering gazes, vibrating touches, breath… Just a little word association around crystals. Think on that. Health, wellness, all things organic, and getting to our spiritual roots and beings; all of these ideas and more are certainly having their moment to shine in the mainstream and beyond. Articles and perfected images of serenity abound on social media, showcasing people striving to maintain that balance and further the quest into their true selves. Crystals! The cure-all, must-have of the moment. I definitely do not see this as a negative, but let’s push pause for a moment and delve deeper into the origins and purpose of crystals, and just how you can integrate them into your life and space, as people have done for centuries. Photograph them, hashtag them, just don’t forget to tune into yourself and the source.

Personally, I enjoy the comfort and invigorating power of having a crystal on me at all times. Perhaps it is the fluorite and quartz combo tucked into my back pocket, helping to clear the mental distractions and keep negativity at bay. Or it could be the rose quartz hanging over my chest that seems to offer me a moment to breathe and receive the world through a lens of love and curiosity, rather than split-second reactions and touches of cynicism. What we put out, we receive, and these past few years have taught me that crystals by my side bring forth more quality human interaction, deeper discernment, and provocative curiosity. These vibrations radiate and attract kindred spirits and sensations, if you allow yourself to open to it. To better wrap our minds around it, let’s ponder: Are crystals living and can they be used for healing? 


Take a moment and think about what “living” means to you…. Let’s discuss. Maybe its touch and smell, the ability to interact and respond. Do you relegate “living” only to beings that breathe or move or reproduce? Think about the plant you talk to or when you see a wilting flower or the eye-catching blooming buds of a plant; better yet when you clip the stem of a flower or see it ripped from the ground. How do you feel and what thoughts and actions follow? We love and are invested in the flourishing and nurturing of that plant. Let’s follow those roots into the living earth, composed of elements such as oxygen and minerals. Is this not living? Human beings, in spite of the access and education that are bestowed upon us, tend to be insular creatures and mainstream society is guided by a sort of tunnel vision. Plant your feet firmly on mother earth and contemplate life.

Instead of insisting upon the reproductive component of life, could we not broaden the notion of “living” to the ability to be aware, perceive, and think; a conscious state and relationship. This certainly aligns with the value of a quality and enriching life and opens pathways for us to welcome, or at the very least, entertain new or different forms of life that don’t necessarily follow our suit. Crystals are a prime example of this; they can morph in shape and color as well as grow. Just because we do not feel their breath, does not mean that they are dormant and without life. Quite the contrary! These conscious and aware minerals are produced within mother earth and not only exchange vibrations with other living creatures (ahem, us!), but also alter said vibrations and energies. How wonderful! Hold a crystal in your hands, close your eyes, breathe. How do you feel? What resonates within you? Is your mind clearer or more cluttered? Is your breath smoother or do you sense a rush of energy within—or perhaps it’s a combination thereof!? The options are endless and there is no right or wrong. This is a practice, so don’t stop at one time. Like any relationship or interaction, intentional space and effort is needed to connect with this organism.

Crystals thrive off of our vibes and energies and can act as a sort of portal to a new avenue, which is why they have been used as a form of medicine throughout the ages. We’ve heard folklore of Italian amulets comprised of crystals to ward off evil and even Cleopatra adorning herself with lapis lazuli to channel the third eye and crown chakras to foster enlightenment and awareness. Crystals are powerful in that they can protect against certain energies, as well as draw out others for positive manifestations and healing. Despite all of the stress, fatigue, and ailments that we face, well-being is in fact our natural condition; anything other than that proves that we are out of alignment. When we find ourselves drawn to a particular crystal, it speaks to us and we feel its vibration because we are searching for that particular energy. When properly cleansed and tuned with intention and energy, crystals vibrate in the utmost pure state. The level at which you vibrate is another topic in and of itself, but reflect on where you are. Are you breathing? Are they steady, full, deep breaths to fill your lungs, body, and mind? Is your mind attuned and focused in the present or is there a static or racing energy? Those are just a few points to check into. Bottom line, this crystal is vibrating at a pure, healthy level and is therefore diffusing the dominant energy in the space; when we believe, we are also committing to raising our vibration to that pure and healthy level. Be it a headache, digestive issues, heartache… crystals when worn or placed on a specific chakra point emanate the power to improve and heal maladies. Our vibrations intertwine and that energy nourishes us. It is not comparable to swallowing a pill, but the attention and space we give to our needed care can align with that vibration of the crystal to alleviate pains and illnesses.

A strong meditation practice in union with the belief that that the power to heal lies within yourself is crucial when integrating crystals as a means of medicine. Embrace this time to lean in and tend to yourself! Do it for you and however you bring yourself to that moment; perfection has no place, simply you in your authentic state. Meditation sheds light upon what ails us and what we crave; from there, through a combination of analysis and trusting our intuition, we can seek out the needed crystals to embark upon the healing process. You may even opt to work with a healer in this practice as it can be difficult to remain in a meditative state and arrange crystals around your body or over chakras. Are you still wondering how this works? Let’s take a common ailment for example. Headaches run rampant due to stress, fatigue, screen time, anxiety, and the list goes on… If you find yourself often plagued with such pain, you might combine gentle visualization with a quiet environment and rose quartz or citrine around or on the affected area; at the base of the neck, next to the temples or crown, even on the forehead. It is of the utmost importance to have the crystal energy resonate with our own in order to bring relief and a healthier aura, so pay close attention to your sensations and reactions and do not hesitate to make adjustments in placement or choice of stones. We are all unique and our energy will vibrate differently with each crystal; reflect on the beauty and possibility of that which naturally manifests within you.

All it takes is intrigue and curiosity to begin this process. Our beings contain an enormous source of power, but recognize that the living energies around us, be it human, plant, animal, or crystal form, also vibrate with immense impact and possibility. Meditation coupled with crystal healing for chakra balance and healthy auras is a wonderful way to begin and play around with crystal healing. Don’t let fear or panic stop you from tuning into your thoughts and desires. Life can be incredibly hectic and demanding, but reflective time to breathe and tune in can be quite the cure. Remember that this is a unique journey shared by your energy and that of the crystal; it is not comparable to another’s experience. We are more than just inhabitants of this earth; water, nature, light, and minerals carry immense power and we have deeply intertwined relationship with these elements. Find your breath and tap into your intuition and the grounding, enlightening possibilities that can be unearthed through crystal healing.