Shining Bright with Beta-carotene

Our skin is our largest organ, and it’s an incredibly important one. It keeps our other organs where they belong, and it shields them daily from all kinds of outside forces.  At its best, our skin puts up a valiant effort in this ongoing battle against the elements. But all of this effort naturally leads to wear and tear, which can make us uncomfortable…

Our skin gets dry in the winter, burnt in the summer, and we notice wrinkles as we age.  And, since we’re living in increasingly industrial and highly-populated societies, we have even more to deal with than the elemental forces of Mother Nature.  Maladies like germs and pollutants are ever-present, and our skin remains our first, best line of defense. When it’s not at its best, we’re more vulnerable to these harmful substances.   Because as excellent as skin is as a shield, it isn’t totally impenetrable.

There is a level of permeability to our skin.  And the absorption of the negative substances, everything from pollution to UV radiation, contributes to our skin looking and feeling less than its best.  Defending against these substances remains a vital job, since there’s no real way to avoid the onslaught of these negative environmental and chemical compounds.  Unless we choose to live in a bubble, or a hermetically sealed lab, which is, you know… less than practical.

Luckily, in order to help protect skin from these negative factors, we’ve developed methods and products for defending against pollutants, repairing the damage that results from interacting with our harsh environment, and even helping to repair and ward off the signs of aging.  We’ve figured out that the same permeability that allows for the absorption of negative substances can also permit good substances in. This is why topical ointments, skin treatments, and even hormone patches work.  They infuse the skin with substances to make up for what might be missing internally, and add in essentials like vitamins that help combat the penetration of detrimental materials.


Here at Esther & Mila, we recognize your skin for the champion it is.  And we want to help it be at its best in order to best shield you from the daily assault of…well, everything. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to help defend your body’s greatest defender, and one of the best ways we’ve found to do that is through the use of beta-carotene.  Beta-carotene, which can be found in high concentrations in all of our Bright line and in our Intensive Resurfacing Treatment is a precursor to Vitamin A, an essential vitamin for healthy skin.

When you eat foods with beta-carotene, the body naturally converts it into Vitamin A and then into retinoic acid.  Our skin can process the retinoic acid, making it hugely beneficial for repair and protection. Studies have also shown that skin actually has the ability to do the same for topically applied beta-carotene by using enzymes naturally occurring on our skin.  Some forms of topical Vitamin A are lab-created (namely the topical Retin A) and can cause irritation, and can even lead to peeling skin for some.

At Esther & Mila however, we like to keep our products as unadulterated as possible and the beta-carotene in our products is 100% plant-derived and present in our organic Chilean Rosehip Essential Oil and various citrus extracts and essential oils making it an all-natural and gentle way to add beta-carotene to your beauty regimen.  We know that our skin is capable of incredible things and we enjoy creating products that contain the building blocks that allow it to repair itself.


One of the main benefits of using the Bright Line and our Intensive Resurfacing Treatment is the beautiful resurfacing effect these products have on the skin.  This whole line does an amazing job brightening the face by resurfacing the outermost layer of skin.  These products serve to gently remove dull, dead, and flaky skin, which reveals a fresher, brighter layer underneath.  The beta-carotene present in this line is mainly responsible for this awesome effect, and the citrus extracts and essential oils also do their part to brighten skin, leaving it looking healthy and refreshed.

At Esther & Mila, all of our products have been extensively tested for safety and irritation concerns and we stand by the safety and efficacy of all of our offerings.  At the same time, we feel it is prudent to point out even the slightest potential for any of our users to have any sort of reaction to our products.  This is why any time there is any level of resurfacing, particularly in combination with citrus extracts, we feel it is important to note the potential for added sensitivity when exposed to sunlight.

We feel confident in recommending our Bright Line for daytime use to the grand majority of users, but we want to make sure that those with sensitive skin do note that the resurfacing effect in addition to the citrus ingredients could result in additional sensitivity to sun exposure.  For this reason we recommend that users with particularly sensitive skin adjust their use of Bright products to night-time applications to avoid any potential reactivity.

No matter when you apply, we hope you enjoy the amazing effects of this line… refreshed and repaired skin that shines Bright.

Love our Bright line? Or maybe Repair is your tried and true? If you have questions or comments about which Esther & Mila products help you look and feel your best, we’d love to hear in the comments below…

The Great Preservative Debate

Even if you’re only half-heartedly keeping up with the latest in the world of beauty, it’s hard to miss the indicators that the awareness and popularity of clean and green beauty and skincare products have been on the rise.  Beauty bloggers are buzzing about the latest and greatest in the clean beauty world and more and more green beauty products are making their way into bathroom cabinets everywhere.

Much of this trend stems from the fact that consumers are now more educated about an industry that has been notoriously bad in the past about disclosing what exactly goes into the products it sells.  Consequently, consumers become more concerned, and their buying decisions are becoming more considered, when it comes to the ingredients that they are willing to use in their homes and especially on their bodies.  Clean and green brands have been responding to these market pressures and in some cases, they’re even leading the charge to help  advocate for new regulations in order to keep consumers safe.

And with consumer safety at the forefront of every decision we make here at Esther & Mila, we wanted to take some time today to weigh in and explain our position on a key topic when it comes to clean and green beauty: the use of preservatives.

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