With Love, From Esther & Mila

This is our first ever Esther & Mila blogpost and we couldn’t be more excited to start sharing more about our brand with all of you!  We will be using this space to keep up with some of the latest in health and wellness, and green beauty of course, but we will also be diving deeper into what exactly makes Esther & Mila so special.  That includes our founder, our methods, and as you’ll see shortly, our ingredients…

We wanted to start off on a positive note, and at Esther & Mila that usually means positive vibes. And there’s nothing more positive in our book than the rosewater that forms the base of our Bulgarian Rosewater Hydrosol Toner.  This stuff gives us some real lovey vibes, and as we walk you through some of the history and properties in our Bulgarian Rosewater, we’re sure you’ll come to love it as we do!



Now rosewater has been popping up more and more lately in clean and green beauty, but the fact is, the craze might be new, but the ingredient sure isn’t.

Rosewater is made by steeping rose petals in water in a process that dates back to ancient times, possibly as far back as the Sassanid Empire of Persia.  The substance is actually a by-product of the process for the isolation of rose oil, a staple in perfumes.  Rosewater, however, is sought after in its own right as it is both flavorful and aromatic. It has long been used in Middle Eastern and Turkish cuisine and beautification rituals.  Demand for the finest rosewater from the Middle East led to the diaspora of the product into Europe, India, and China where it continued to be a popular and more readily available method of perfuming.  Today, the benefits of rosewater have led to an increased demand of the product not only for its fragrance, but for the many additional benefits it has to offer.

Physical Benefits

Everyone knows that roses smell lovely, and, as rosewater is a distillation of the most aromatic oils of a rose into water, it follows that rosewater would be fragrant as well.  But the reasoning behind rosewater in beauty products goes so much farther than ‘because it smells good.’ Rosewater has numerous benefits for skin. It’s true that our Bulgarian Rosewater Hydrosol Toner is great as a fragrance.  But it is also recommended for use on all skin types and has properties that can be used for to aid a variety of ailments…

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
    • Reduce redness and skin irritations
    • Reduce the appearance of acne and eczema
    • Help to soothe and heal sunburn and razor burn
  • Cleansing and anti-bacterial properties 
    • Helps unclog pores by removing oil and dirt
    • Great for use after cleansing to remove lingering traces of makeup
    • Helps heal minor cuts and burns
    • Can reduce the appearance of scars
  • Moisturizing properties
    • Adds moisture, soothes, and cools dull, dry, or irritated skin

Metaphysical Benefits

In addition to the wide variety of physical benefits, rosewater is also touted for its many metaphysical properties.  For those that study vibrational frequencies, rose oil is recognized as the essential oil with the highest known vibration.  Since rose water is a compound of rose oil and water, it also possesses an extremely high-frequency vibration.  The vibrational effects on the body when using rosewater are much the same as that of giving and receiving unconditional love… which makes sense when you think about how long roses have been used as symbols of love and romance.

Since roses are so closely connected with matters of the heart, it follows that rosewater is an excellent tool for self love and self care. Rosewater’s high vibrational frequency makes it great for use in self care routines as it is a wonderful at reducing stress. The aroma can be used for relaxation anytime and as a sleep aid by spritzing it on your face or pillow at bedtime. Rosewater is great for chakra work, particularly the heart chakra. It is soothing, healing, and a bit luxurious, which makes it feel particularly pampering. Rosewater can be a versatile tool of any self care routine.

Our Rosewater

Our rosewater comes from roses sourced from Bulgaria, where the soil and growth methods produce some of the most fragrant and lovely roses in the world.  Bulgarian Roses have high yielding oils of the highest quality. The use of these Bulgarian Roses to make the rosewater that is used in our Bulgarian Rosewater Hydrosol Toner leads to equally high quality toner that is aromatic, affordable, and a wonderful addition to both your skin care and self care routines.

What do you love? Is it Self-Care, fresh cut flowers, or our rosewater toner? We’d LOVE to hear from you in the comments below…